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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: liz cheney has appointed herself democracies number one defender. ironic, since she apparently became its victim tonight. we will have the full results for you tomorrow. we will be back. in the meantime, his sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, we will be following that all night. welcome to speak 26. my monologue will begin in just a moment but we begin with this fox news alert. if it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, 7:00 p.m. in wyoming, where polls are now officially closed. tonight all eyes are on pretty much the most obsessive from pater in the country, liz cheney, who is expected to lose the republican primary despite endorsements from nancy pelosi and o.j. simpson? i didn't even know that. we're also monitoring tonight's comp located primary in alaska where another notable trump
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hater, fake republican, rhino, lisa murkowski, is in real jeopardy of losing her reelection bid to an actual conservative, we are watching sarah palin's race as well. fortunately, final results in alaska will likely not be available for weeks. they have a really weird system there, but anyway, let's take it to the ground in wyoming tonight where rich edson is joining us with the very latest there. expectations are high that this is not going to be a good night for liz cheney and liz cheney, it seems, is trying to get ahead of the loss with a new narrative of being the biggest trump hater in the country. >> yeah, i can hear you guys fine. i think sean got a little control room talk there, but the polls are just closing here, the poll workers just came out and said that this is -- this is it for the evening, everything is shut up, they are closing, closing statewide and so perhaps we will know in a short while who's actually won is primary. since congressman liz cheney
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against harriet hagemann, the trump-backed candidate. janie is holding her speech close to this place tonight, close to the jackson area of wyoming in the western part of the state. a cheney ally says that she will speak later tonight and say this primary is only the first battle in a long war. she tweeted earlier today that the challenges we face require serious leadership and those who will abide by their oath and uphold the constitution no matter what. harriet hagemann, the trump-backed candidate in this race, there are about 100 house republicans were also supporting her candidacy. that included minority leader kevin mccarthy. mccarthy is actually in the area towards the middle part of this week, he's here right now with a number of other republicans, a retreat, fund-raising event. it minority leader told us that this race is absolutely a referendum on january 6th. janie is the vice chair of that committee. she's been extremely critical of the former president, donald trump, as she continues to chair that committee.
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hagemann also has made a very large part of her campaign about cheney's embrace of the january 6th committee, of her embracing that work there and her criticism of the former president. she is out in cheyenne more towards the east from here, several hours to the east, she will have an event later on this evening as these poll numbers to do next but she managed to raise about $15 million. half of that is left over. she's only spent about half that money, she can use that money and other federal elections. she has been asked repeatedly if she plans on running for president. not really answer but she hasn't rolled it out either. sean. >> sean: j.k. moniz or a republican because if you can't win wyoming, she's not going to win any other red state i can think of. it's one to be interesting to watch. rich edson in wyoming senate, thank you. we are going to continue to monitor results throughout the night but first, the doj, the
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fbi, they need your help. this affluent to close her eyes, cover your ears, and trust them completely, you know, unquestionably. finally, as we speak, where -- the affidavit that was used to search president trump's home. they don't want you to know exactly why they went in. they don't want you to know exactly why they went in, and for the first time in history they want to hide the justification for their judge shop trump hating, obama loving, not approved by the senate magistrate. they just want you to trust them. of course democrats, the mob, the media, they are more than happy to oblige, in fact many so-called journalists are eagle to publish information from government sources, anonymous as they are, no questions asked. for example, just yesterday cbs news, their top anger, o'donnell, issued this tweet. according to a doj official, the fbi is not in possession of former president trump's
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passports. from had accused the fbi of stealing his three passports, two expired, during the search of his home at mar-a-lago and palm beach. that was fake news. the fbi did in fact seize the president's passports. o'donnell got played by the federal government. you know, you would think she would want to get the truth out there, but anyway, she doesn't really seem to care, as per usual with the mainstream media mob, and you know, like everyone else, she's a liberal democrat who probably hates donald trump. it's not hard to spot these days. and after all as a pointed out, "democrats, they don't trust the police, right? democrats don't trust them, they want to defund, dismantle, no bail laws, but now they trust the fbi, providing that they only target donald trump to and by the way, they more than doubled the number of irs agents to harass all of you. it's a pretty amazing bill. they say we're not going to raise taxes on people making $400,000 a year.
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that bill raises taxes on every american because of the gas, oil, and coal tax, and then the business tax, and in the small business tax. you'll be paying for all of it, so while they are breaking a promise, now they're promising that if you make below $400,000 a year you're never going to get an audit. i'm not believing that either. just like i never believed keep your doctor, keep your plan, and save money. without a doubt, the past six years, targeting donald trump has been a top priority for the fbi, especially the upper echelon. the bureau vehemently denies any and all accusations of political bias. we all know it's b.s. it just so we're clear here on this program, here's who they are asking us to trust. you want to trust peter strzok, one of the highest ranking officials in the department? the lead investigator on the bureau's most sensitive, high-level political cases. today he tweeted this. "why does trump have to go passports the russian passport,
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of course, is kept in a vault and only swapped out at third country meets, so it can't be that one." is that supposed to be funny, is that like hillary's and what about the emails? it's pretty unhinged, this tinfoil hat conspiracy, and frankly, the rank arrogance of people like peter strzok and hillary clinton, you know, using a lie and a theory that he perpetrated on the country. a guy that was once tasked with investigating donald trump and a guy that lied about russia collusion. peter strzok was fired three years ago after an investigation uncovered a trove of anti-trump texts and emails, including some from 2016 involving a plot -- a specific plot to stop donald trump ever having a chance to win. if one august 16th, at x for his fbi girlfriend lisa page reading "trump is not ever going to become president, right, right? and he responds no, he is not, we will stop it. that was on august 8th. a week later he texted "i want
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to believe the path that you are out for consideration and anti- -- onion soup and a mccabe's office, that there's no way that he gets elected, but i'm afraid we can't take that risk, it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before 40. so we will stop in and we have an insurance policy. wow. talk about an effort to smear donald trump in the unlikely event that he has actually liked by the american people will prevent him from taking office. this brings us, by the way, to peter strzok's former boss, former fbi deputy director auntie mccabe, who was fired from the bureau for lying and leaking. he has since apologized for his behavior. too little, too late, but is now gainfully employed at fake news cnn where he's regularly trashing donald trump in every other conservative and republican he can. and then there is his secret girlfriend, top fbi attorney lisa page. well, she departed the fbi and i'll regularly trashes trump as an employee of nbc at msdnc.
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and all told, ten former doj and fbi officials now work for fake news cnn or msdnc. these are the two networks dedicated to smearing, slandering, besmirching donald trump, and every other conservative in the country. but we are just supposed to believe there's no political bias and believe the fbi, believe the doj. even after the russia hoax, the alpha bank hoax, the hillary dirty dossier hoax, the fisa abuse, two plus year witch hunt, the move to label angry parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists? the willingness to prosecute, not prosecute rioters from the summer of 2020 and many of those people lying to us saying they are not really riots, they are mostly peaceful, the ones that are killing thousands of americans, hurting thousands of cops and destroying billions in property damage. sure, they are mostly peaceful. and let's not forget the early morning raids on paul manafort and roger stone and how
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donald trump himself. now remind me how many biden associates have been rated because of the blatant crimes uncovered on hunter biden's hard drive that the fbi has had for nearly two years? how many clinton associates were thrown in shackles after she mishandled top-secret, classified information, likely hacked by our enemies, foreign countries, and obstructed justice? how many democrats are going to jail because of process crimes? can you name a single one? again, let me be clear, i respect fbi rank and file special do the work that protect and serve all of this country. they do the right thing. i have zero respect for the upper echelon of the fbi, and i certainly don't trust any of them, and they have earned all of our distrust. they leak, they lie, and they have turned america's premier law enforcement body into a wing of the democratic party. make no mistake, violence against any member of law enforcement is unacceptable. they try to say any criticism,
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well, you must be advocating violence. no, we are not. just the opposite. any threats of any violence towards any law enforcement must be dealt with, they must be protected, and we must do everything we can to find these people and put them in jail where they belong. just like merrick garland are to be enforcing the law in the art to stop the doxxing of supreme court justices in the protesting and the harassment and intimidation in front of their homes. and by the way, if you look at oversight, that begins in less than three months with the midterm elections. here now with more as the author of "the price of principal," harvard professor alan dershowitz along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. professor, i'll begin with you tonight and ask you, why are they afraid to let us see the affidavit that justified this magistrate granting this warrant to go into mar-a-lago? >> i've had a principal for 60 years. i wrote about in my new book, and that is if there is a dispute and one side wants the
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truth to come out and the other side says no, we don't want the truth to come out, always believe the person who wants the truth to come out. that's the person who's telling the truth. and so the trump people want the affidavit to be released, the justice department doesn't. i'm not suggesting releasing the entire affidavit. you can redact the names of witnesses. you can redact the names of agents, you can redact sources and methods, but let's know what they were looking for. i want to know particularly -- because to get a search warrant you have to have very particular evidence, what was in the safe. from reporting we now know nothing was in the safe. we need to know what was in the closet of mrs. trump. we need to know what was in the boxes. >> sean: i think i can probably venture pretty good guess. i think there were probably close in the closet. i'm just guessing. >> right, that sounds right. we need to know why, in light of
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what the attorney general said, that the general principles in the justice department ought to use less restrictive, less intrusive methods of searches unless necessary. why was it necessary? why eight months later? why after getting subpoenas? why even wait three days over the weekend after you've gotten the search warrant? these are the questions that the affidavit may very well answer. look, i believe perception of innocence for everybody, including garland. i want to presume he did the right thing. but the affidavit is the essential point. >> sean: go to a magistrate -- why didn't they go to a judge that was approved by the senate, and if it was so dangerous as they leapt to "the washington post" and it had to do with nuclear anything, why did they wait three days after they got the warrant? why did they wait a long time to actually file the warrant? >> your absolute right, and they should have gone to an article three judge. they have the right to do that. it's traditional to go to a magistrate, but it's not
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traditional to search the home of a former president who is thinking about possibly running. you know, what looks so terrible around the world is that you have an attorney general appointed by one presidential candidate, the incumbent, investigating another presidential candidate, the republican, and using methods that weren't used previously against democrats like hillary clinton. and like sandy berger. that's the appearance of justice. not only must justice be done, it must seem to be done. and it's not being seem to be done. the affidavit may respond, may answer all these questions, maybe it will answer them satisfactorily. maybe not. we have the right to know. >> sean: gregg, we have a magistrate that is a trump hater, obama lover, and even recused himself in a previous case fairly recent as it relates to donald trump. then we have the issue of the affidavit. i want to get your thoughts on that end, you know, as a look at what they're trying to do here,
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you know, why won't they release the surveillance video that they wanted to have shut off? why would the fbi want that shut off? i thought for years we wanted body cams on cops and we wanted -- cams on cops so that it kept everybody honest. why would they not -- why would they be demanding that surveillance cameras at mar-a-lago be shut down? and thank god they didn't do it. >> because their position is "we have a government, trust us." you know, merrick garland insists that he upholds the law without fear or favor, but the track record of the department of justice and the fbi tells us just the opposite. we've gone through, you and i, many of the cases in which the fbi lied and deceived and concealed and manipulated evidence in order to gain search warrants, to persecute and prosecute people. and so this is the reason why
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most americans don't trust the fbi, and the department of justice, just look at the polling data. because their record is actually been a disgraceful one. just read the inspector general's report, which is a wholesale condemnation of the corruption within the department of justice and the fbi, and suspicions about merrick garland's motives in the trump case is compounded by the fact that he wants to conceal everything. he wants to conceal the affidavits. what is he hiding from the american public? did the fbi deceive the magistrate? did they withhold critical exculpatory evidence? did they not tell the magistrate that trump had been cooperating, that he had complied with an earlier subpoena and turned over whatever the government had asked for? you know, this is an important case. my goodness, we are talking about the raid by the political
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opponents administration of a former president's residence. it screams for transparency. the optics here are ugly and americans deserve a greater measure of truth. government, the power of government that derives from the consent of the people, and it exists only in so far as the people allow the government to exist. and when they find a corrupt and abusive government in power, it's incumbent upon them to vote that government out. >> sean: 45 seconds each, two questions. one, professor dershowitz, do you believe that the doj will indict donald trump, and number two, they are demanding the surveillance video. should the trump people turn it over? >> first of all, i don't think that he will be indicted. in order for a future presidential candidate to be
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indicted by the appointee of a current president, you need nixon-type crimes. you need smoking guns. you need absolute corruption. you're not going to have an indictment by somebody i think like merrick garland. if all we are talking about is what hillary clinton did and what sandy berger did. even if in the end it turns out there were some dramatic materials within the classification, i don't think that's going to result in an indictment. it has to be a slam-dunk. >> sean: real quick, should they hand over the surveillance video? real quick. >> i do. >> they should hand over the surveillance video. >> you don't hide anything. >> sean: all right let's ask you, will they indict him, gregg jarrett, and they are demanding the surveillance video, should the trump people turn it over? real quick. >> it would be foolish to indict him based on the statutes -- the
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three statutes cited in the warrant, all of them require deliberation that use language like "knowing," and "willful," and "intentional." you can't prove that in a case like that. >> sean: can you prove it in the d.c. court that may be voted 5% for donald trump? >> you could prove christmas occurs in july in a d.c. court but it wouldn't hold up on appeal. and yes, they absolutely should turn over surveillance videotape. to me, it's a no-brainer. >> sean: turn it over or just release it on their own and let the american people see what went on. thank you both. professor dershowitz, and gregg jarrett. coming up, the doj is doing damage control over the tactics they used in peter navarro's arrests. we will tell you the updated peter will join us. also, paul manafort will react as he releases his book, "political prisoner today." straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: on other day with yet another example of our two-tiered justice system. you know, we don't have equal justice or application of our laws any longer. get this, the biden doj is now claiming the heavy-handed arrest tactics used against peter navarro back in june at an airport or completely reasonable and appropriate, calling him a "on particular subject." remember, peter navarro was arrested while getting on an airplane, put in handcuffs. he was then taken, strip-searched, put in leg irons at a federal building that is only 50 yards from his own house, and thrown in a jail cell that they told him housed the guy hinckley that tried to kill president reagan. all over two misdemeanor charges. but the biden justice department
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says this was all to avoid a media circus, and yet another example of deep state bad actors weaponizing the justice system for politics and the politics of personal destruction. here to explain, author of "taking back transamerica," peter navarro himself peter, i want to give you the opportunity to respond. they are saying that you were combative and you told them to get the f out of there. and that you have a history of seeking out news coverage. i've never found that to be the case, you never asked to be on this program. and to avoid a media circus they would arrest you at the airport? i'm trying to understand that life. >> well, let's start with the media circus. when they arrested me at the airport and wound up putting me in leg irons, i was in solitary confinement for almost three hours while the fbi leaked my arrest to the press within
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nanoseconds and we had five armed fbi agents. so the facts are the facts, they grabbed me, put me in leg irons, they went on to mar-a-lago with a battalion of fbi agents. both president trump and i were cooperating with the national archives and the justice department. it was a disproportionate response, they weaponized -- here's the thing, sean, that brief today that they filed was to cover. it was lysed by omission. it was a two plus two arithmetic. two days, sean, two days before they grabbed me at that airport i called the fbi agent, the arresting agent, and said hey, walter, whatever you need, whatever you need, i'm happy to cooperate. i had an inkling they might be doing something. i said hey, walter, whatever you need. right? and two times before that, this is the other two -- i had willingly and peacefully accepted subpoenas by email, first from the coronavirus subcommittee, and then from the
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select committee, so i had a pattern of peaceful cooperation in receiving subpoenas. what they said was just to cover. the bigger issue here, sean, and this is what they are afraid of. we in our discovery motion want to find out exec with who made the decision to do that public arrest and put me in leg irons. why did they do it, and why, for example, if i committed the crimes they said i did, why didn't they charge, for example, dan's getting out and mark meadows as they did me? that's what they call selective prosecution, sean. this is a clear case of that. >> sean: responded to their initial charge that only a few days before the arrest that fbi agents attempted to interview you and serve you a subpoena? is that true? and they claim you were combative. and you told the agents to get out of here, is that true? >> the week before they arrested
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me, they came to my door in the very early morning and almost kicked the door down while i was asleep, and that kind of behavior was totally unwarranted. it was bullying, coercive, terrorist kind of tactics because they knew full well i would have been happy to take that subpoena. they could have come at a reasonable hour. i was peaceful with them, but i sternly rebuked them for engaging in the kind of bully and coercion they did. but sean, the important thing is, two days before they arrested me, i called that same agent. i said hey, walter, whatever you need, buddy, you don't have to kick my door down again, i'm here to cooperate. and by the way, that same day, june 1st, i sent a letter to the deputy -- the district attorney seeking -- i say look, i'm doing my constitutional duty here. i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. here's my attorney to call, and
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you know what? they didn't call that attorney, and in that brief they filed today, guess what? they said i didn't have legal representation. that was a lie. so they were lying in a brief period of course they knew better. of course they knew better. when they came in the early morning with that subpoena it was unnecessary. >> sean: i would tell you one thing -- >> they called me up and served it and they are trying to bully us. >> sean: i will add one thing too. you know what, look at the hillary clinton case. they never knocked on her door. they didn't have a predawn raid like they did paul manafort, was going to join us next. i can't remember a time that they put her in leg shackles or in handcuffs. i don't remember hunter biden, and we know about the laptop, the fbi has had it now for almost two years. i don't remember hunter's home being, you know, a predawn raid at his home. we know he lied on a gun application, we know that gun ended up in a dumpster.
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we know that he mentioned the big guy, his father, a lot and he's implicated all over that laptop, and not a finger has been lifted in this case. so this certainly is a two-tiered justice system, and that should be the point that americans take away from this. they don't treat democrats the way they treat conservatives, period. peter navarro, thank you for telling her story, we wanted to give you a chance to respond. we appreciate eight. also remember it was back in the summer of 2017, former trump campaign manager paul manafort had an fbi raid on his virginia residence. that was part of the years long russia hoax. i got the book right here in front of me. remember robert mueller at his team, they wanted paul manafort to die in jail. they tried hard. also put him in solitary confinement for nine straight months. last year he was pardoned by president trump after prosecutors destroyed his life. this new book is out today. it's called "political prisoner: persecuted, prosecuted, but not silenced." all metaphor joins us now.
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first, congratulations on the book. i don't know if you went to a bookstore today, but it's in bookstores all across the country, you can get it on, a first edition copy. i read the whole book cover to cover. i will tell you, i'm reading this and i'm saying this is not the america i know. this is not the country that i know. we've been talking about tax violations, pharaoh violations, process crimes. you weren't seeing me the bulgur vinyl. you weren't john gotti sr. that the fbi was looking for. you aren't a member of the drug cartel. you know, and in these cases they had all been settled, you point this out in great detail. so why the predawn raid with the guns in your face and your wife's face? >> because i was donald trump's chairman of his campaign and i supported him for president. and you know, what they did to me and to roger stone, general flynn, papadopoulos and carter page, was nothing compared to what they were doing to the president, but beyond
6:32 pm
that, the feel and the freedom proven by what they did with peter navarro to keep going forward. they don't feel ashamed at all by their tactics, and unfortunately what we are starting to see is this percolating down as you said a minute ago, to the grassroots of the country. so that parents are now in the target zone, taxpayers, small businessmen are now in the target zone. and unless we stop this now -- and i talk about this in the book, the importance of stopping it now, it's going to permeate the whole red state landscape, because it's not on the coast that you see these activities. and so the book is meant to -- it tells it through my eyes -- >> sean: let me ask you this. because nine months in solitary confinement could break many a man in my humble opinion. i've never been to jail, i never want to go to jail. i pay all my taxes so i will stay out of jail. but to be serious here, you put
6:33 pm
somebody in solitary confinement, they are locked up 23 out of 24 hours everyday. you have no contact for the most part with anybody. and you're in there alone area and you know, obviously they wanted to break you, and then at different times they would give you an opportunity and they would be -- i don't want to put words in your mouth, they would try to encourage you is that the right word, to say certain things about donald trump and that you would be rewarded if you did? >> or tricked me to say things. because it wasn't like they would ask what do donald trump no question, they were very circumspect, but clearly they had a theory. it was a crazy theory that trump could use roger stone or myself and carter page to reach out to the russians. roger would do it with wikileaks, i was with moscow. when to release the hacked materials, it was a crazy theory and his motive was that trump was going to give eastern ukraine to russia when he became
6:34 pm
president, which he did exactly the opposite. when he became present, he gave lethal weapons to ukraine that obama wouldn't do, and that biden stopped doing when he became president until russia was invaded. so i mean, his motive was already out of style when he was trying to force me into telling lies to give him his narrative. >> sean: and how ironic is it that it was a dirty misinformation russian dossier paid for by hillary clinton that the fbi used to get the warrant on carter page to backdoor into the trump campaign and spy on a candidate and a president, you can't make that up. and then in 2020 they said oh, hunter's laptop, it's all russian disinformation. so whenever it's convenient they will use russia anyway they want to use russia to, you know, help their select candidate. >> that's exactly right. and it's convenient that they ignore totally fact that hillary clinton's case, very similar to what they are trying to accuse president trump of
6:35 pm
right now. it was a server, but it was espionage, classified documents, and as you sit on your show many times, they didn't even blink an eye. james comey cleared hillary clinton, even admitting that he did things that were wrong, now they are not trying to clear president trump, they are trying to create a subterfuge to convict him. >> sean: let me ask this, what you want the american people to know about justice in america and about the upper echelon of the fbi that went after you? >> i think they need to understand that justice in america and our constitution creates certain protections, but if we don't create a government that honors those protections, they are not going to exist for the american people for very long buried >> sean: i will tell you, the book, i couldn't put it down, it's a great book. period paul manafort, congratulations, the book is out today in bookstores everywhere,,, appreciate you being with us. when we come back we're going to take a deep dive into the
6:36 pm
pennsylvania senate race. john federman finally back on the campaign trail, not looking very good following a stroke a few months ago, and he's back to spreading his really radical ideas. believe it or not he's to the left of bernie sanders and joe biden. straight ahead we will check in. ♪ ♪ new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert, starting to get some early results out of wyoming, as expected, liz cheney is trailing her opponent, we are going to keep you updated as we get you more numbers throughout the evening. we will watch that race very closely. our left democratic pennsylvania senate candidate john federman made his first public appearance on friday since suffering a stroke. here's a small sample of his or marks, they were in pennsylvania
6:41 pm
where he was visibly uncomfortable and a time struggled, well, simply speaking. >> we could have picked any part of pennsylvania where we are going to start the campaign trail starting. let me tell you, two years ago i was talking to the media and saying you want and i was going to be the next president? you know what i said? i said tell me one thing, tell me who wins -- is it who wins eerie? 25 of those counties, more votes, 25 -- there's 54 red counties. more votes. more votes than dr. oz in those counties as well as also. i gave away the lieutenant governor governor -- the only lieutenant governor in the history data. and you can count on us to eliminate the filibuster.
6:42 pm
[cheers and applause] eliminate the filibuster and let -- let's get some stuff done for america. [cheers and applause] >> sean: we obviously wish him well in terms of his health and a quick recovery, but make no mistake about it, his radical campaign is just that. he is running as the 51st democratic vote in the u.s. senate, meaning he does want to abolish the filibuster, he wants to double down on the failing far left climate alarmist cult, biden, burnie manifesto agenda. he also has come out against fracking, domestic oil production and american energy independence. also one column called him part of bernie sanders army, he has praised bernie sanders in the past. he supports the green new deal radical socialism. back in 2013 he actually pulled a shotgun on an unarmed african american wrongly believing the man had been
6:43 pm
involved in a shooting, even sparking backlash from fellow democrats. this is only the tip of the iceberg. the stakes could not be any higher in the state of pennsylvania. this is a must-hold seat for republicans. the commonwealth is always hard for republicans to win but it is most-win for dr. oz, who i have endorsed. here with reaction, former speaker of the house, fox news could do, newt gingrich. of all the democrats running, john federman by far is the most radical. i mean, he praises bernie sanders, says he will vote like bernie sanders. so he's that far left, and then of course biden went along with the bernie sanders biden manifesto. >> look, he's not only the most radical democratic nominee for the senate in the entire country, let's be clear: his policies on crime, which have been consistently to release violent criminals in places like philadelphia, which is having a huge explosion in murders and
6:44 pm
robberies. he's going to i think perform far worse than a normal democrat because he is so clearly pro-criminal. in the western part of the state, which is the fourth largest energy producer in the united states, his policies against natural gas would infect kill about 600,000 jobs. i think men at oz's job is pretty straightforward. make clear to the people of pennsylvania how radical he is, how much he would kill their economy, and how clearly oz would work in every single county in the state to create, to create public safety, integrative -- give people a better future. i was born in harrisburg, i have relatives all across central pennsylvania. i think i've got a pretty good sense of the state. i do not believe in the end that he will win, because i think that he is not just radical. he is destructive of the state
6:45 pm
of pennsylvania. we would be a much poorer state if fetterman wins. we would be a much more dangerous state with criminals left loose if fetterman wins, and i think pennsylvanians aren't going to vote for that kind of policy. >> sean: it's interesting, because you believe that there should be -- the republican party should be running on a national ticket. kevin mccarthy is doing it in the house. we have not had a commitment yet from mitch mcconnell. i'm not sure what he doesn't jump on the bandwagon, because this is an opportunity for republicans to make very clear distinctions about border security, about energy independence, about law and order, about education in our schools, about the type of judges we want serving on the supreme court and other judgeships, about national defense, national security, and it's the biggest compare and contrast election you could ever imagine and i have not seen a
6:46 pm
lot of candidates make that case as well as you have. why not? you are not running. >> i think it's beginning to happen. i wish mcconnell was more committed to a issues-oriented, values-oriented campaign. that's not his personal style. but at the same time it is rick scott's style and the fact is, let's take the example of 87,000 additional irs agents. you go into arizona, you ask the average person in arizona, would you rather have 87,000 more people on the border working to control the border or would you rather have them as irs agents investigating you and your small business, et cetera? i think overwhelmingly they are going to think that mark kelly was crazy to vote for the irs agents instead of voting for the border. i think you can go item by item around the country and these are all national issues. the things i just mentioned
6:47 pm
about fetterman, the issue of natural gas is going to affect, for example, senator hassan in new hampshire because she is in favor of much more expensive heating oil and much more expensive gasoline. >> sean: well said. i hope every candidate, they should get your book, they should read it, and they should study it and then they should go out and fight on the principles you lay out in the book. anyway, you've got a book plug with it. thank you, mr. speaker, appreciate it. coming up, biden took a break from his nice multiweek vacation to sign that new tax-and-spend bill. we will highlight the very worst in this legislation and put it in the context of this leading into this important midterm election year. ♪ ♪
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> sean: here we are just about 90 days outside the election, biden signed into law the democrats tax and spending spree and just like we've been telling you, it will expand the size of the irs and their bureaucracy, more than doubles the number of agents. a member, its low income americans who are audited at a rate of five times more than everyone else. additionally, the law also raises taxes on corporations, corporations don't pay taxes. they will pass that onto you, the consumer, and of course joey, well, did have a busy day, he left the beaches of south carolina, went back to washington to raise your taxes, now he's headed off to delaware for another week long vacation buried here with reaction, fox news contributor lara trump along with former arkansas governor mike huckabee. if you're going to raise taxes on oil, gas, coal, corporations and small businesses, lara trump, i think it's obvious who's going to pay the bill, that's the american people, and those people making under
6:53 pm
$400,000 a year, so they are lying to us. >> of course they are lying to us, they've been lying since the beginning of this. the inflation reduction act, give me a break, what an insult to americans. and even tried to slip that name in there, we could see from the very beginning that it was going to do the opposite. obviously all the experts have said that, but to see joe biden, sean, go from vacation to vacation and then in between sign this bill just to cause more hardship for americans, it is really incredible. i've never seen something like this happen. if joe biden's goal was to do the opposite of donald trump, he is nailing it on the work ethic front because we know my father-in-law was working 24/7 for the american people. here joe biden is on vacation. perhaps it's a strategy though by his staff, because i'm sure these people are exhausted cleaning up the mess that he leaves behind any time he takes the stage. if he's on vacation, i guess the worse they have to worry about is him falling off of a bike instead of falling up the stairs
6:54 pm
of air force one, but if we are being really honest, the best thing for america would be if joe biden just continued this vacation for roughly 28 months, because at this point we would be better off without the captain of a ship steering us, especially if that captain -- i use that term very loosely -- it steering us off the edge of a cliff, which is exactly was happening. >> sean: governor, used to be in the past that you don't raise taxes before an election, especially we have record high inflation, 41 year high and record high energy prices, and then you go ahead and do tax energy again. how do they think that is going to play with the american people? >> i don't know what on earth they are thinking, and i do know news is breaking tonight that joe manchin has gone into the federal witness protection program because after he supported this bill, people of west virginia realized what a dog of a bill it is. it's pathetic. but the average american isn't
6:55 pm
making at least $718 a month more than they used to make, they are going backwards, because inflation is hitting them at $717 per month. sean, that's a lot of money that americans don't have, and i sure hope they remember that when they go vote in november. >> sean: $6800 is what the average couple is paying in biden inflation. if you drive your own car to work you're going to pay an extra $2,000 in gas this year. two-thirds of american households now with paycheck to paycheck. joe caused those problems. hopefully the american people wake up in november and throw these bums out. anyway, lara, thank you very governor, thank you. more "hannity" right after this break. ♪ ♪ and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: time flies. unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us, thank you for making the show possible. we hope you will set your dvr so
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you never miss an episode of "hannity." for news anytime,,, don't forget paul manafort's new book, "political listener." i couldn't stop reading it. i read it cover to cover, it was phenomenal. you can get it in bookstores everywhere, and i think you learn a lot. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura is next, she's got a killer show tonight. >> laura: you bet, and they want a lot of political prisoners, don't they? they don't want just a few, they want the whole prison full of political prisoners. >> sean: in case you don't know, you're on the list, you are way ahead of me. >> laura: you know what i say to the people who don't like me? get in line. get in line. doesn't bother me one bit. we've been in his business to long. >> sean: we get as much hate and threats as anybody else, we just don't talk about it. do you want to give you the list? >> laura: those are just from me, hannity. >> sean: [laughs]


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